Where Your Money Goes

We have clear aims at Abbie's Army and quite simply put, the more funding and donations we receive the more we can do to support vital DIPG research and raise awareness!

Abbie's Army regrettably cannot provide families support with proceeds towards an individual crowd funding platform for medical treatment. This does not comply with the Trust aims for public benefit.

At Abbie's Army we keep constantly updated on the latest developments and ever evolving research field and also advancements regarding clinical research therapies. We are well placed bridging the gap to the patient community to identify what is required.

With advice and support from our Scientific advisories we actively approach those who we consider best placed to provide the most innovative and helpful project, those who we want to work with, either to commission the research we would like to see or to provide the pre-clinical data needed to inform treatment options with a very clear clinical path.

This encourages collaboration around patient priorities and clear unmet need in DIPG treatment.

Medical research is long term and we require substantial investment to give researchers confidence that we can support future years projects. 

Only impact can and should ensure future fundraising success.

YOUR support has been absolutely instrumental in advancing research, most recently in the development and provision of CAR-T cell therapy clinical trials for UK children.

We only wish we could do so much more.