PNOC Trials Zurich

Treatment in Zurich - PNOC Trials

This is relatively new founded early in 2019 , as an extension into Europe for PNOC (Pacific Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Consortium) trials. 

Situated in the University Children’s Hospital of Zurich (Kinderspital), it is one of the most well respected and highly rated paediatric hospitals in Europe.

The centre and full establishment of some available trials may provide a specific DIPG treatment program within the hospital which will operate fully within all the regulatory requirements and provide greater accessibility to progressive options for new UK patients. Additional centres are also online at the Princes Maxima Hospital in Utrecht.

Key personnel including world renown DIPG researchers and oncologists are leading the program. (Sabine Mueller (PNOC lead and peadiatric oncology lead at UCSF)  and Javad Nazarian - PI at Children's National, Washington)

They can be contacted in the first instance on the following email [email protected] 

We have some of the initial costs established to reach out to representatives and currently there will be fees associated for follow up appointments and consultancies for any subsequent treatment plan and routine tests required.

This currently based on 'compassionate' or 'self-pay' basis including possible surgery and out patient visits with travel which will likely to be at considerable expense. It is unlikely (initially) that any of the suggested procedures will be covered either by the NHS on a 'clinical trial' basis or available on insurance for overseas patients whilst 'unapproved' and without any intersection with the trials platform from UK clinicians.

Clinical trials 'in development' should always supply the drug tested freely to the patient, associated costs and hospital fees, travel and accommodation are all additional.

More information on the Zurich team can be found here