Everyday Actions Into Money

You Don't Have To Put On Your Trainers To Raise Money!

You might be pleased to hear don't have to run a marathon or throw yourself out of an aeroplane to raise money. Something a simple as shopping can help us to find a cure! 

Amazon Smile 

When first visiting smile.amazon.co.uk, customers are prompted to select a charitable organisation. Amazon will give 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT and other shipping fees) of eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organisation selected by customers. To select 'Abbie's Army' and support DIPG research with your purchase please go directly here to sign up https://smile.amazon.co.uk/ch/1149400-0 

Using 'Smilematic' a simple browser extension completely automates the process of ensuring all purchases go through AmazonSmile instead of Amazon. Any Amazon link manually typed in, or clicked on a search engine result, blog post, forum, etc. will automatically be redirected to AmazonSmile without having to remember to manually change it!


Give as you earn

Give As You Earn gifts are taken from your pay before tax. You choose the amount you want to give each month. For example, if you are a basic rate taxpayer, it only costs you £8 to make a gift of £10. Some companies will match your donation meaning your gift of £8 would become a total gift of £20 per month. To find out more information about Give As You Earn please visit the Charities Aid Foundation website at www.cafonline.org.

The Giving Machine

Shopping through The Giving Machine  means that you can contribute to Abbie's Army without costing you a penny. Every time you shop through the retailers included in the scheme to will be donating to our charity

Their home page will give you the instructions to register and how to support Abbie's Army. All you do is shop for the things you would normally buy at no EXTRA COST simply click, shop and donate!

JOIN US as a supporter https://www.thegivingmachine.co.uk/find-a-cause/  

C4C Mobile

You can support us by joining the C4C Mobile Network, they are 'Your platform for change' - the fairer mobile network that allows you to keep giving to your chosen charity, at no extra cost to you or change in behaviour.
They will  donate 10% of your monthly bill spend to your chosen charity. We are listed here https://www.c4cmobile.com/charities/

Ebay for Charity

If you have any unwanted goods or clothing clogging up your wardrobe, why not make some room and raise funds for DIPG research, by listing them as a 'charity auction' .  

Ebay marks every charity listing with a charity ribbon, you can choose the percentage up to 100% of the sale price, that you wish to donate from your listing, if the full price is donated you will get your listing fees reduced or even returned in full.

Abbie's Army also sells their own merchandise via 'ebay for Charity' visit our Shop to find our own listed items with those supporters have currently listed. If you click on our profile page here you can also select us as your eBay 'favourite' that way we will appear automatically to receive a small percentage every time you list !


Recycle 4 Charity - Ink Cartridge Recycling


Do you use ink cartridges in your office? Do you or can you collect any?

We can recycle items for cash with 'Recycle 4 Charity'  

Simply request a recycle envelope through our website (or email amanda@abbiesarmy.co.uk ) and we will post you one out. These are all numbered and bar coded up to ensure we receive the proceeds from your items. Alternatively pack up your unwanted items and send them to us at our office in Ashford and we will send them on. 

On average for every ink cartridge in good condition on a preferred list the charity will get £1!


Charitable Bookings

'For every honoured booking 'ChariTable' charge the restaurant an industry standard £2 per person. For every £2 we receive, ChariTable Bookings donates £1 to the users chosen charity'

There is absolutely no cost to use ChariTable Bookings so next time you dine out, nominate a charity close to your heart and enjoy giving back for free - it's never tasted so good!

With more than 8000 participating restaurants across the UK, why not use the search bar for one near you , and next time you dine out you can also support DIPG research. https://charitablebookings.org/