For your convenience and confidence almost all Abbie's Army merchandise is available to buy from Ebay. 

As charity listings 100% of the proceeds from EVERY sale of every item comes back directly to the charity to fund DIPG research.

All of our items are competitively priced, if you require a combination or multiple quantities of any item shown then please just get in touch and we can process the order separately for you [email protected] and offer special pricing on carriage charges.

Whether it's a wristband or childhood cancer 'awareness' badge there are a number of ways you can show that you support DIPG children and raise valuable funds for research. We also have a variety of items supporting our 'Abbie's Army Alpacas' theme, Abbie loved alpacas and we have our own herd of 24 animals!

**Enquire for our range of washable face coverings in fun bright prints, just £3 each!...can be added to your order!**