Emotional Support

Abbie's Army are always there for other families of children affected by DIPG anywhere in the UK. We aim to support understanding fully first hand as affected parents ourselves, the emotional difficulties that accompany this horrendous diagnosis.

Every family varies depending on your needs, and it is certainly not our place to provide medical opinion.

Any treatment advice provided purely will remain impartial and completely objective in regard to any and all available options known to us.

We will always help families understand research with 'evidence-based' information from our contacts in the research 'community'. We along with our advisories will aim to provide the most complete and informed DIPG treatment guidance and support available.

We are also able to connect families with first hand experience of various treatments if desired, and also those who may be at the same stage of the disease, such as the newly diagnosed for example...or newly bereaved.

There is a growing 'online' network of DIPG parents who tend to seek each other out using 'online' services and we can assist in that regard. Numerous Facebook groups exist but if newly diagnosed they are not for the faint hearted. They may however be useful to become more informed regarding research and any available trial treatments elsewhere, advocacy and a source of support following bereavement where parents can privately engage with others.

We may also refer families to other charities for additional support, if specific help is needed.