UK Clinical Trials

There are numerous DIPG trials available worldwide (subject to eligibility criteria)  however there is only very limited scope in the UK and few options available on the NHS.

Currently there are NO recruiting National trials for 'newly diagnosed' patients with DIPG available in the UK. 

We are working as hard as we can around the 'unmet needs' of DIPG patients to bring forward new clinical opportunities for UK children as quickly as possible.

ESMART - Is a European stratification study with some agents with relevance to DIPG for relapsed tumours only and is biopsy led.

The previous national approach and 'molecularly targeted' trial 'BIOMEDE' is now ongoing study and CLOSED for further recruitment. 

We are working hard to ensure that UK patients have a range of valid options that are available at home, so that no child has to raise funds or travel for overseas treatments and trials.

The full list of open European and US trials with all their locations can be found on the 'Worldwide Clinical Trials' tab.