Support For Treatments

Abbie's Army retains research at it's core to provide treatments available to all DIPG children through robust testing within highly organised clinical trials. We have insufficient resource to also enable the support of any costs or fees for experimental medical treatment.

There are however UK based charities that may be able to offer DIPG families help with fundraising for 'emerging' and 'experimental DIPG treatments and procedures.

If accepted , this will mean you can fund raise under the banner of a 'Registered Charity' which may help to leverage donations from business and corporate supporters. It also perhaps gives the public greater confidence in knowing your funds will be going towards the use for which they are intended.

With a charity number you will also be able to claim Gift Aid from UK tax payers on your donations to your campaign page.

Charities may still have to charge FEES to cover their core internal costs for administering your fund, they may have 'exclusivity' policies which will mean you will not be able to fund raise privately whilst also being under their charity number. Check all the terms and conditions on their sites before you make contact or enter into agreement.

All Registered Charities do have a legal duty to fund raise in ways that are open, honest and respectful of others at all times, a responsibility of course which is passed on.

Charities who may be able to help :

Tree of Hope

Salford House
Salford Terrace
19-21 Quarry Hill Road

Tel: 01892 535525

Family Support:

Bradley Lowery Foundation

46 Harbour Walk