Fundraising For Treatments

Abbie's Army retains research at it's core to provide treatments available to all DIPG children in the UK through robust testing within highly organised clinical trials. Unfortunately we have insufficient resource to enable the support of any costs or fees for medical treatment from our own designated funds to individual families.

HOWEVER, Abbie's Army WILL support families who may wish to fund raise to travel for clinical trials overseas, or an established 'Expanded Access' Program themselves.

Our 'Parent Charter & Fundraising Guide' for Travelling Families

If you are a family affected (newly diagnosed and otherwise) please contact us for a copy of our 'Parent Charter and Fundraising Guide' that outlines how we can help you and any of your funds raised go just a little further.

Travelling abroad for clinical trial is relatively new for DIPG patients, as more favoured and known options come to increasing attention.

Whilst we cannot fund raise 'for you'  by overseeing and administrating any 'family' campaigns we would aim to provide the following:

Instant Benefits

 > Access to support regarding trials and treatments from within the research community with 'evidence-based' information from the earliest outset.

> Additional 'donor confidence' with a fund administrated by a registered and recognised charity in the DIPG field - allowing some corporate donations which otherwise may not be fulfilled.

> Ability to claim ‘gift-aid' adding instant fund value on any platform used. On JustGiving a £30 donation becomes £36.36 in your fund.

> A dedicated TEXT code and number for your campaign.

> Referral of families to others within the community with knowledge and/or first-hand experience of tried therapies.

> General help with fundraising and a campaign profile on the ‘Abbie’s Army’ website displayed with donation links and some promotion via our own social media channels.

> A limited supply of initial ‘Abbie’s Army’ fundraising materials and merchandise.

> NO FEES to withdraw from your fund (excludes any bank charges for currency transfers)

We want to do this initially without deduction to any of these benefits, meaning we will not deduct anything from your fund in order to cover our own core administration or accounting costs at this time. 

This is a new diversification for Abbie’s Army and as such will need to be evaluated going forward if other patient families become involved and the associated workload increases dramatically. 

In the future we hope that we may be able to mirror other charities working in the neuroblastoma community for example and negotiate on behalf of parents for preferential terms at the 'most used' treatment centres. Until we have further experiences of all the difficulties and nuances of operating a treatment campaign, currently it is an unknown.