Maximising Your Fundraising

Gift Aid

Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate

If you are a UK tax payer be sure to Gift Aid  your own personal donations, This can be done online at JustGiving (and Virgin Money Giving) or by completing a manual declaration. Gift Aid is reclaimed by the charity from the tax you pay for the current tax year.

Just Giving Guide 

Just giving has lots of functionality that can boost your fundraising – make sure you are making the most of what they have to offer:

Have you added a personal photo?

Fundraisers who add a profile picture tend to raise 15% more.

Write an engaging story

Tell people what you are doing and your motivation for doing it. Even add a small section on what the charity does e.g:

"Abbie's Army' has clear aims 'To raise awareness and funding for DIPG research and help overturn  this 'terminal' prognosis. We also provide a useful resource , practical advice and support for parents who receive this horrendous diagnosis for their child:

Set a fundraising target

Target setters raise more. It’s good to have a clear goal and people will want to help you reach it and beat it. Remember be it £50 or £5000 every single penny will make a difference.

Always add updates 

Regular updates of your training or progress will keep things active and fresh and give you a great reason to continue to share your page on social media.

Join a fundraising team

There is always strength in numbers - pages that are part of a team raise even more. If you know you are part of a wider team with the same motivation why not set up a team page where all you efforts can be seen in one place.

Add any money you've raised offline

Add any cash or cheque donations you’ve collected so everyone can see the total amount you’ve raised. Just go onto your page, select edit and on the right hand side you will be able to add the total of your offline donations. Please remember if you send us cheques or transfer money directly into our account always tell us if it is part of a fundraising campaign so we can add it to your total at our end too.

Say thank you!

Either directly to individuals or as a whole when you have finished by updating your page. Share a photo of your achievement via social media and tell all your supporters how amazing they are for helping you, to help us to find a cure.

Print off this handy infographic from JustGiving 10_fundrasing_tips_from_justgiving_2.pdf