The DIPG Treatment Advisory Council

This is relatively new founded in 2017, the purpose of the' DIPG Treatment Advisory Council' is to provide medical and scientific information and advice to children and families facing DIPG. 

With professionals from the clinical setting and parental advisors they can 'steer' families from the outset towards the path of combined modes of therapy, timed to the clinical presentation in each case...as well as investigate other desired options for integrity and provide other 'benefits'

Whilst there are no initial costs to reach out to representatives (parental) there will be fees associated for follow up appointments and consultancies for any subsequent treatment plan. This 'compassionate' or 'self-pay' basis including possible surgery and out patient visits will likely to be at considerable expense. It is unlikely (initially) that any of the suggested procedures will be covered either by the NHS on a 'clinical trial' basis or available on insurance for overseas patients whilst 'unapproved'

Please follow this link to their site for contact details and more information : http://www.dipgtac.com/