UK Government Petition 2020


YOU DID IT...!!!

On July 2nd thanks to a fantastic amount of online support from Prof Karol Sikora and his supporters (among others), the DIPG community and various charities, the current Petition started by Fiona Govan gained the threshold number of 100,000 signatures. It has been considered by the Petitions Committee, and will now go forward for debate in Westminster Hall on Monday 7th December 2020 at 4.30pm.

We have not been given much notice time but we are gathering relevant information for a strong argument including all stakeholders, Public and Patient (PPI) involvement, the views of associated charities and key scientific expert research input  from disease specialties around what is needed.

You can read our 'Position Statement' here 

The time for us all to contact and lobby our own MP's for support and representation at the debate and explain why this result is personally important to each and every one of us is NOW upon us. The subject of 'brain tumour research' has of course been previously debated (2016) and references were included in the previous response (at 10,000 signatures).

This petition is not solely for DIPG or brain cancer research, neither is it centered on improving policy for all. This petition is to ensure that CHILDREN with the worst outcomes from the most 'difficult to treat' cancers, often with completely different biology to adult disease have the full attention, investigation and opportunities needed in regard to research processes, that may lead to better outcomes.

If you do contact your MP please do let us know and we can keep a log of all the relevant constituencies that have been notified. Thank you

DOWNLOAD a template letter to gain support from your MP: petition_lobbymp_letter__2020_yPPpTky.doc

The debate is being led by Tonia Antoniazzi MP, due to Covid restrictions and social distancing only 15 speakers will be allowed to attend the debate. There is no 'virtual' attendance at all.

If you have any questions from your MP's that would like to attend but cannot we can still possibly direct these to the Petitions Committee, so please do let us know.

Any of your personal accounts can  be high-lighted now on our 'Meet the Children' page if you would like to add your story